We love our "Greenbug Zone" thanks to the Greenbug System. We like it where there are no bugs!

Murray Y., Bluffton, S.C.

The Greenbug System creates the “Greenbug Zone”

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We have a Greenbug System on our property and everywhere the water sprinkler sprays has no bugs.  We love it and call it the “Greenbug Zone”!  The only issue is we have a big piece of land and the irrigation only sprays close to the house.  We’ve found that we don’t venture outside of the[…]

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Fall ’15 Pest Control Needs Above Normal!

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Autumn is here!  For many it means cooler weather and leaves turning colors. We’d like to think the pests of Summer would be gone but alas, the weather conditions are prime for above normal pest counts.  Here is a link to an article with more details: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/2015-fall-pest-forecast-bug-populations-stink-bug-mosquito-ants/52537613 Mosquitoes, ants, ticks, stink bugs plus others are[…]


Head Lice and Selfies – a Bad Combination

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Head lice are in the news a lot lately.  That is because ‘Super’ head lice that are resistant to many over-the-counter treatments have been identified.  Scary headlines often accompany articles geared towards fearful parents. “More than half the states have confirmed cases of Super Head Lice”; or “Nothing in your arsenal[…]

I love your product! It works better than anything I have used for the pesky no-see-ems on the beach. I keep a bottle of Greenbug on my Boat, Bike, Beach bag and Back porch.

Philip Carroway, Bluffton, SC

I love your product! It works better than anything I have used…

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I love your product. It works better than anything I have used for the pesky no-see-ems on the beach. I keep a bottle of Greenbug on my Boat, Bike, Beach bag and Back porch.

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Bed Bugs Are Here to Stay

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Bed Bugs are here to stay. A recent study conducted by a pest management organization showed that bed bugs are a common pest issue.  Not only are they a regular issue, but they are becoming a greater problem each year.  Commonplace. Yes, these blood sucking monsters are now categorized as ‘pervasive’. But[…]

  1. Donna: Will green bug kill bedbugs already in my home? They are on my couch,I've sprayed it and washed all covers…

    • AdminGreen: Yes Donna, Greenbug is used by homeowners, hotels and pest control professionals to control bed bugs. You do not need…

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Mutant Head Lice are No Problem for Greenbug

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Perhaps you’ve read the Head Lice headlines recently – “Mutant Head Lice Resistant to Over-the-Counter Treatments” “Head Lice Harder to Kill” “Study: Head Lice Showing Resistance to Over-the-Counter Treatments” According to a report published from Southern Illinois University, there have been ‘mutant’ head lice found in 25 states that are[…]

Every College student should have Greenbug!

Elaine Greenfield, University of Tennessee

Every College student needs Greenbug for People/Pets

Head Lice

When you go off to college, you have no idea what pests you’ll encounter.  Of course there are mosquitoes, ants and roaches but I never expected to encounter head lice.  Greenbug was a life saver! The treatment was so much easier than the products found on store shelves.  At the[…]

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are here.  And boy, are they hungry.  Learn the top five ways to avoid them. Top Five Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes To avoid mosquitoes, Rule #1 = get rid of water.  Remove all standing water.  A tablespoon of water is enough to breed.  And females can lay 200 eggs per day.  Removing standing water from[…]

  1. Randy Buchanan: You have a picture of Crane Flies on your mosquito page. Do you provide samples for municipal integrated mosquito management.…

  2. AdminGreen: It's a real mosquito now!