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  • Cedar oil as the active ingredient
  • Not toxic
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • Ingredients are friendly to humans, pets, the environment
  • Does not harm honey bees and butterflies
  • Effective pest control without harmful chemicals

Greenbug offers cedar-based products to control all kinds of pests.  Whether you want pest control for yourself (mosquitoes, head lice), your home (roaches, ants, and bed bugs), your dog (fleas, ticks) or your entire property (all of the above), Greenbug offers you pest control using ingredients found in Nature.  No need for toxic pesticides!

Head Lice are Back in School

‘Head Lice’ and ‘Back to School’ mean the same thing. Head Lice. Gag. If your kids are back in school, there is the threat of getting these wretched little pests. And let’s all agree, they are just plain gross. Are you prepared to control... read more

Bees – Learn Three Steps to Help them

Bees provide us with our food supply. That is pretty important. For humans who eat plants and animals, they are extremely significant. They pollinate plants that we and the animals eat.  You get the picture – without bees, we’re sunk! But they are in... read more

Zika Virus Facts and Coincidences

The Zika Virus is everywhere.  Who hasn’t seen the horrible photos of deformed babies with tiny heads?  This condition is microcephaly.   You are told it is caused by mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus. Be prepared because the following comments may offend some.  This... read more

Honey Bees Are Important, Right? Absolutely!

Why are honey bees so important? You hear rumblings about how honey bee populations are declining.   Colony Collapse Disorder gets a little bit of press every now and then. But so what? What makes declining honey bee populations news? Do we really need honey? Honey... read more

Prevent Pests With These 5 Steps

To prevent pests, you need to think the way they think. They need food, shelter and places to breed so that they can multiply and make more pests. If you disrupt any of these basic needs, pests will stay away. But pests are not created equal. Some pests fly while some... read more

Zika Virus – Fears and Facts

Zika Virus. Just the sound of it spreads panic. Scary headlines about brain-damaged babies.  People are abandoning travel plans.  People are delaying getting pregnant and avoiding the outdoors completely. Are these rational fears? Are mosquitoes dangerous? Below are... read more

Thank you for Greenbug! My daughter has Lupus and cannot use conventional pesticides. She has been miserable due to pests and now I thank you over and over for giving her a solution!!!

Martha M.



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Control pests using Greenbug which has Nature’s cedar oil as the active ingredient – not toxic, synthetic chemicals! Cedar chests and closets have been used for centuries to control pests and now Greenbug offers that very same cedar in pest control products.

Whatever your pest issue is, Greenbug controls pests using food-grade ingredients that are friendly to humans, pets, the environment and the very important honey bees and butterflies.

If you have a specific pest to control, click the “Pick Your Pest” button above for detailed instructions. We suggest the Greenbug Home Kit in case a pest arrives. At Greenbug, we are committed to pest control without toxins!

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