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Greenbug Concentrate


Greenbug Concentrate is the concentrated form of Greenbug Ready to Use.  It is the most economical option especially if you have needs for ongoing pest control or a larger pest issue that needs to be controlled.  Using an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug Concentrate once diluted, is poised and ready to control the pests you[…]

Well now I know that Greenbug works on bed bugs.

John H., Professional Exterminator, Savannah, GA

Greenbug Works on Bed Bugs


We had traditionally used nothing but chemicals when treating bed bugs.  I was skeptical of a green and natural product, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Now our crew use Greenbug for People/Pets on themselves every time they enter a bed bug property.

I expected the worst and it was easy – thanks to Greenbug.

- Marcia B., Beaufort, SC

Thanks to Greenbug! Treating Head Lice was easy!

Head Lice, Testimonial

How embarrassing – my Middle School son got Head Lice from playing sports. I had never had to deal with them so called my friends who told me about Greenbug. All I had to do was a quick treatment and few loads of laundry and the Head Lice were history.[…]


Pest Control for Ants


What is decent pest control for ants? Ants are irritating pests that come in packs of thousands and will crawl over and through anything. It doesn’t matter how well you clean or how fastidious you are about removing food debris – ants in the home will drive you nuts!  And pest[…]

Could You Have Mites?

Greenbug Blog, Mites

Could you have mites? Does this sound like your life? You feel something crawling on your skin but you see nothing.   Something is biting your skin but no bug is present.   These feelings worsen at night and you can’t sleep. You itch and there is no plausible explanation. You could[…]

  1. Noreen Dygert: I just got my greenbug to start the test I have been expriencing symptoms for approx a year not knowing…