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Mutant Head Lice are No Problem for Greenbug

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Perhaps you’ve read the Head Lice headlines recently – “Mutant Head Lice Resistant to Over-the-Counter Treatments” “Head Lice Harder to Kill” “Study: Head Lice Showing Resistance to Over-the-Counter Treatments” According to a report published from Southern Illinois University, there have been ‘mutant’ head lice found in 25 states that are[…]

Every College student should have Greenbug!

Elaine Greenfield, University of Tennessee

Every College student needs Greenbug for People/Pets

Head Lice

When you go off to college, you have no idea what pests you’ll encounter.  Of course there are mosquitoes, ants and roaches but I never expected to encounter head lice.  Greenbug was a life saver! The treatment was so much easier than the products found on store shelves.  At the[…]

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are here.  And boy, are they hungry.  Learn the top five ways to avoid them. Top Five Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes To avoid mosquitoes, Rule #1 = get rid of water.  Remove all standing water.  A tablespoon of water is enough to breed.  And females can lay 200 eggs per day.  Removing standing water from[…]

  1. Randy Buchanan: You have a picture of Crane Flies on your mosquito page. Do you provide samples for municipal integrated mosquito management.…

  2. AdminGreen: It's a real mosquito now!

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Greenbug Concentrate


Greenbug Concentrate is the concentrated form of Greenbug Ready to Use.  It is the most economical option especially if you have needs for ongoing pest control or a larger pest issue that needs to be controlled.  Using an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug Concentrate once diluted, is poised and ready to control the pests you[…]

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Greenbug Ready to Use

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Greenbug Ready to Use is your go-to choice for immediate pest control. Using an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug Ready to Use is poised and ready to control the pests you encounter. Inside the house: Store it under your kitchen sink to be sure you always know where it is.[…]

  1. Jo: Your comment does not address the use of your product around CATS! Why not??? I do have a concern about…

Well now I know that Greenbug works on bed bugs.

John H., Professional Exterminator, Savannah, GA

Greenbug Works on Bed Bugs


We had traditionally used nothing but chemicals when treating bed bugs.  I was skeptical of a green and natural product, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  Now our crew use Greenbug for People/Pets on themselves every time they enter a bed bug property.

I expected the worst and it was easy – thanks to Greenbug.

- Marcia B., Beaufort, SC

Thanks to Greenbug! Treating Head Lice was easy!

Head Lice, Testimonial

How embarrassing – my Middle School son got Head Lice from playing sports. I had never had to deal with them so called my friends who told me about Greenbug. All I had to do was a quick treatment and few loads of laundry and the Head Lice were history.[…]