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Greenbug is a great product and company. There is no longer any reason for using toxic chemicals for pests. Thumbs up, Greenbug!

Tommy V.

Bluffton, SC

Greenbug was an answer to a prayer. Mites had been in our home for weeks, driving us nuts. Once I talked to the Greenbug folks, I felt hope. Sure enough, the Greenbug got rid of the mites. Our lives are back to normal now. Thank you.

Carol F.

Ithaca, NY

Our company had shied away from offering bedbug treatments due to dismal results with conventional pesticides. But with a single fogging application of Greenbug, we had far greater control of bedbugs than we’ve ever had with multiple conventional treatments. I was skeptical, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This stuff works.

John H.

Pest Control Operator, Beaufort County, SC