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drywood termite damage to treat with Greenbug

Drywood Termites – Know the Signs and Solutions

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Did drywood termites cause the holes in your wood? There are many things that can compromise wood.  Water, rough treatment, and pests can damage wood.  Often the damage is not noticed until it is too late.  How can you tell what is causing the problem? Could it be drywood termites?[…]

My only regret is that we didn’t get the Greenbug System sooner.

John and Joanne Davenport, Cat Island, SC

John and Joanne Davenport, Cat Island, SC

Greenbug System, Testimonial

Greenbug System Testimonial We love Beaufort, SC and have always said that everyone would want to live there if it wasn’t for the bugs.  The infestation of sand fleas and mosquitos at our houses on Cat Island have prevented us from fully enjoying our properties.  We recently went to a[…]

Greenbug Injector System

The Ultimate in Green Pest Control – the Greenbug Injector System

Greenbug System

Would you like the ultimate in Green Pest Control? What if you could safely eliminate pests and actually ENJOY the outdoors? Introducing the Greenbug Injector System • The Greenbug Injector System integrates with your irrigation system to distribute Greenbug for Outdoors to safely create pest-free zones everywhere water is directed.[…]

  1. No-see-ems No More Using Greenbug - Greenbug: […] using Greenbug for People - a personal repellent.  You can also create a much bigger bubble with a Greenbug System…

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Bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, fire ants, horse flies, roaches, flies, dust mites, aphids, ticks, chiggers, head lice, black flies, no-see-ems, sand gnats, etc.? Greenbug is the solution! Greenbug uses Nature’s power to kill and repel bugs so there is NO CHANCE of becoming resistant! Greenbug All Natural Pest Control Products.