The Zika Virus is everywhere.  Who hasn’t seen the horrible photos of deformed babies with tiny heads?  This condition is microcephaly.   You are told it is caused by mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus.

Be prepared because the following comments may offend some.  This is counter to all that you have read about the Zika Virus.  But… I cannot stand by and continue to see false information.

Zika Virus mosquitoesWhat are facts and what are coincidences when it comes to the Zika Virus?

Fact #1: The Zika Virus does exist. 

Four out of every five people who have the Zika Virus have no symptoms.  Symptoms include fever, rash, chills, pink eye, headache and general malaise for 2 to 10 days.  Zika is described as similar to the flu.

Coincidence #1: The Zika Virus does NOT have scientific evidence to link it to birth defects. 

Depending on the source, data supports that the Zika Virus causes microcephaly.  However, the recent increased cases of microcephaly are located only in Brazil.  The Zika Virus originated in Uganda in 1947 and is found in countless other countries yet no other country has birth defects.  The Zika Virus is passed from pregnant Moms to their babies.  Yet only 8% of these Brazilian babies born with birth defects tested positive for Zika Virus (41 of 508).  So what caused the microcephaly in the other 92%?

Fact #2: A group of scientists and doctors claim these birth defects are caused by a pesticide used in Brazil’s drinking water. 

In 2014, the Ministry of Health in Brazil decided to control mosquitoes.  To control mosquitoes, they used a  larvacide which is something that kills larva.  The larvacide is pyriproxyfen and it was put in the entire water supply of Brazil.  This chemical is a neuro-toxin that ‘prevents larvae from developing into adulthood’.  So a synthetic neuro-toxin that prevents normal growth development has been given to the people of Brazil since 2014.  The people did not make the decision, the Ministry of Health did.  Scientific data suggests that pregnant mothers drank the neuro-toxin in the water and had deformed babies.  Article link here:

Coincidence #2: Big Chemical Company wants to release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

Oxitec is a British company (owned by U.S. Intrexon Corporation) that created genetically modified male mosquitoes.  These GMO mosquitoes produce offspring that do not develop.  These mosquitoes do not exist in Nature but are franken-creatures with laboratory-altered DNA.  Most environmental experts firmly state that releasing Genetically Modified Organisms like these is dangerous.  It can cause irreparable harm to the balance of species.  They also state that no amount of data or research can predict the eventual outcome.  Pandora’s Box…

Fact #3: People are afraid of the Zika Virus.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have warned child-bearing women to avoid traveling to places the Zika Virus exists.  People listened and travel has decreased substantially.  Athletes who have trained their entire lives to compete in the Olympics are not going to Brazil out of fear!

Coincidence #3: Big Chemical has much to gain from the fear of Zika Virus while others stand to lose a great deal.

The manufacturers of chemical mosquito repellents are enjoying high demand for their products.  The CDC and WHO recommended their synthetic products. There is the obvious financial gain for Oxitec to release GMO mosquitoes as they are being presented as the only ‘real’ solution.

The losers are the trusting public who believe the ‘experts’.  For example, consumers are told to use DEET for repelling mosquitoes.  Yet DEET is a known cause of health issues.  DEET causes headaches, agitation, depression, anxiety, memory loss, seizures and even death. (Shameless pitch here – for pest control without DEET, use Greenbug products, namely Greenbug for People/Pets.)

Travel to tourist-dependent sites has been irreparably harmed.

The Florida Keys is poised to be the world’s Guinea Pig releasing GMO mosquitoes in one of the most delicately balanced environments on Earth.

Because we HAVE to control the dangerous Zika Virus, right?

The facts say no, the ‘coincidences’ scream yes.