University Research: Greenbug for People Kills Bed Bugs

Below is a report from Rutgers University testing the efficacy of Greenbug for People in killing bed bugs and their eggs.  There was 100% kill as illustrated below:

Department of Entomology

Rutgers University

93 Lipman Dr.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Efficacy Report For Greenbug for People

August 17 2009
Bed Bug Central funded Rutgers University to conduct research that examined the effectiveness of Greenbug for People. The research examined the effectiveness of the product on both bugs and eggs that were treated directly with the product as well as the residual effectiveness of the product once dry. This is a brief summary of the research findings.

The product tested was Greenbug for People which is a category 25b EPA exempt product that contains 10% cedar oil and 90% Hydrated Silica. The bed bugs used in this research were from a field collected strain.

Direct Spray on Bed Bugs and Eggs.

The direct spray of Greenbug for People caused immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with the product, it also proved to be effective against eggs that were directly treated. None of the 61 treated eggs hatched after 17 days compared to 75% egg hatch in a non-treated control group
The Results showed that Greenbug for People is highly effective against bed bugs including eggs when applied directly.
Continual Forced Exposure to Dry Residue aged for 24 hours

Greenbug for People exhibited moderate effectiveness against bed bugs as a dry residue. The dry residue experiment was conducted under non-choice conditions where bed bugs were confined to the treated surface continuously for 14 days. Some mortality was observed after three days of continuous exposure to treated surfaces.  In addition this also suggests that bed bugs are repelled by the product and that the effectiveness of the dry residue could be greatly affected in the field as insects that are not forced to remain on the treated surface may look to avoid all treated areas.

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