I’m Getting Ready to Travel – How Can I Avoid Bed Bugs?

You’re getting ready to go on a trip and panic sets in. What about bed bugs? It’s a reasonable fear! And it’s not just traveling to New York City; you have to worry if you’re going to visit Aunt Gertrude!

Why is that? How is that? Why are bed bugs even being discussed in the mega futuristic world of science that can recognize us all by the iris in our eyeballs? Surely eradicating bed bugs can’t be that complex, right? Not so fast, cowboy.

Granted, bed bugs seem to be something straight from medieval literature and oh so long ago nursery rhymes so what gives? What the heck is going on?

It all boils down to pesticides and their toxicity. Here is the oxymoron of science – the stronger the synthetic pesticide; the less effective it is in the long run. Huh? The term to describe this irony is ‘Pesticide Resistance’ and it is one of those indisputable facts of life like gravity and the likelihood of copious amounts of beer consumption leading to a large belly. Pesticide Resistance is a phenomenon where every time a pest population is exposed to a synthetic pesticide, a certain percentage of those insects live and pass that immunity on to their offspring. After several generations, now the entire population is resistant to that pesticide.

So what is the response of the pesticide community to this lack of control?

Stronger pesticides!

Then you have the Phase II of Pesticide Resistance where this immunity starts to gain momentum and the more pesticides you expose a pest population to, the more resistant they become to a greater variety of pesticides. Due to this amazing, indisputable fact of toxic supremacy, there are actually strains of BED BUGS THAT ARE IMMUNE TO EVERY SYNTHETIC PESTICIDE AVAILABLE!

What? So what is a traveler to do? The key is to be proactive and to protect yourself and your belongings and NOT bring any bed bugs home with you. How do you do that, you ask? It is as simple as using a NATURAL bed bug repellant called Greenbug for People. Spray your luggage, spray your body, spray your strange bed in the hotel room and do it all again before you come home. And forget synthetic – we know how that will turn out. Greenbug for People is green and natural and that is the ticket as it will continue to work.

Just as humans will never be able to survive on breathing ammonia, bed bugs will never be able to become resistant to Greenbug. It is not only a simple solution, but it is a product of Nature and it is very wise to work WITH NATURE as opposed to against her. Natural, green pest control – Greenbug works!

Who decided synthetic toxins were a good idea anyway? That is a completely different dialog…

Greenbug for People kills and repels bed bugs. Don’t leave home without it.

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