I use Greenbug for People/Pets everyday and swear by it! I work outside and would get eaten alive
without it. I’ve never been bitten and there have been plenty of bugs!
David M.
,Professional Window Washer,Hilton Head Island, SC

I love Greenbug!
Cheryl B., Port Royal, SC

My daughter came back from Camp with Head Lice. My exterminator suggested Greenbug and for a
fraction of the money I had spent so far, in one day I was able to get rid of all the Head Lice. I love
Greenbug and wanted to thank you for saving our sanity!
Paula P., Bluffton, SC

I am a deer hunter and Greenbug masks the scent of humans while it keeps bugs away. I spray
Greenbug for People/Pets on myself and launder my camo with Greenbug Ready to Use.
Toby S., Richmond Hill, GA

On a business trip to NYC my hotel room had bedbugs. I sprayed everything I own with Greenbug
and luckily prevented bringing them home. I will never travel without Greenbug ever again!
Kent P., Charlotte, NC

Greenbug shocked me how well it worked. We went camping and I treated our area as we were
setting up the campsite. Nothing bothered us and the next morning other campsites were
complaining about how bad the bugs had been. Incredible stuff!
Doug S., Bluffton, SC

My daughter had Head Lice – again. I decided to give Greenbug a try. WOW! With one bottle I was
able to treat her hair, the inside of the car, the couch and her collection of stuffed animals. I wish I’d
never used the drug store chemicals – Greenbug is the best.
Pam H., Beaufort, SC

My friends had been telling me about Greenbug but I was skeptical since it’s ‘green’. Well, it
convinced me immediately as we were at an oyster roast and the no-see-ems were terrible. But not for
me! Greenbug is the bomb.
Tara V., Hardeeville, SC

This stuff works. Never found anything else before this but Greenbug works.
Billy C., Ridgeland, SC

I really love your product. Thank you for making it.
Dimitre W., Baltimore, MD

Thank you! Thank you! If it weren’t for Greenbug, I would go insane with the bugs around here. You
guys rock!
Hannah E., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

How embarrassing – my son got Head Lice from playing sports (sharing helmets). I expected the
worst and it was easy – thanks to Greenbug.
Marcia B., Beaufort, SC

Not only do I love your products, but I think you guys are great too. No one believed me about mites
until I talked to you and you solved it for me. Thank you!
Lori C., Ruskin, FL

I didn’t know Head Lice still existed – then my daughter was sent home from school with them. I got
online and found the drug store products are quite dangerous so tried Greenbug. Greenbug took care
of it in one easy treatment. Thank you very much!
Jennifer H., Charlotte, NC

Greenbug to the rescue! Our trip to Southeast Asia was fabulous as the bugs did not bother us.
Lisa S., Cleveland, OH

Mites are the worst pest nightmare ever. Thank goodness I found Greenbug. Thank you for your
Davis G., Statesboro, GA

Our company had shied away from offering bedbug treatments due to dismal results with
conventional pesticides. But with a single fogging application of Greenbug, we had far greater control
of bedbugs than we’ve ever had with multiple conventional treatments. I was skeptical, but I’ve seen
it with my own eyes. This stuff works.
John H. Pest Control Operator, Beaufort County, South Carolina

I love Greenbug! I tell everybody about it!
Lauren H., Bluffton, SC

I LOVE this stuff! My daughter is allergic to mosquito bites yet sensitive to chemicals. I’ve been
looking for something that I felt good about that also worked. Greenbug is it! Thank you so much!
Margaret E., Evanston, IL

I spray this on and it works. I got so much relief when I first used it. Thank you.
Nicole S., Walnut Creek, CA

We know how well this works because we’ve used it ourselves many times. I won’t use anything else.
Roger V., Darien, CT

We had been fighting head lice for weeks. They’ve gone back and forth between our house and the
neighbors. We were at our wit’s end and someone told us to try Greenbug. WOW! One treatment
and they are gone! I will tell everybody about Greenbug!
Wendy P., Beaufort, SC

Nothing else works on mosquitoes like Greenbug. I hunt and fish and nothing has worked as well.
Barry S., Dalton, GA

I hate chemicals almost as much as I hate bugs. With Greenbug, both of my issues are solved and I
can enjoy the outdoors. Thank you for making Greenbug for People.
Darla M., Lafayette, LA

Why hasn’t someone thought of a safe product before? I’ve been told I had to use toxic chemicals but I
showed them!
Mary H., Blacksburg, VA

I took Greenbug with me to Africa and not a single bug bit me.
Roy A., Bluffton, SC

Thank goodness something controls these dreaded no-see-ems. Thank you Greenbug! I can now
enjoy my golf game and hang with my grandchildren outside again.
Chip C., Hilton Head Island, SC

Greenbug is GREAT!
Will A., Tallahassee, FL

I travel and got bed bugs. Thought it was the end of the world. Then I found Greenbug. Problem
solved. I treated it myself, saved money and kept all my stuff. Best of all – no more bed bugs.
Marty K., Bronx, NY

Head Lice infestations go in circles once introduced to a classroom. So glad I can now tell parents
about Greenbug. Safe, effective and not expensive. Hooray!
Brittany T., First Grade Teacher, Bluffton, SC

I’m highly sensitive to chemicals and am a mosquito magnet. Thanks to Greenbug, I can now be
outside. I highly recommend this product.
Amber D., Saluda, SC

Environmentally conscious decisions don’t always work but Greenbug does. Using natural
ingredients, Greenbug takes care of bugs that cause bites and itching. So happy we found you!
Sara and Matt K., Richmond, VA

I am a Flight Attendant and travel for a living. I will never travel without Greenbug.
Sandra F., Miami, FL

My Mom had some Greenbug and I took it with me for my kids. She got mad at me because she uses
it so often. So, I got some for her, more for me and introduced it to my sister. Great stuff.
Ashley F., Bluffton, SC

Greenbug was an answer to a prayer. Mites had been in our home for weeks, driving us nuts. Once I
talked to the Greenbug folks, I felt hope. Sure enough, the Greenbug got rid of the mites. Our lives
are back to normal now. Thank you.
Carol F., Ithaca, NY

I will always try to support local businesses but in this case, buying Greenbug is a no-brainer. Bug
control is only good if it works – and Greenbug works great.
Drew S., Hilton Head Island, SC

Greenbug is a great product and company. There is no longer any reason for using toxic chemicals for pests. Thumbs up, Greenbug!
Tommy V., Bluffton, SC