Performing Spring Cleaning for pests helps prevent pests for the spring and summer.  Now that it is warming up, follow these steps and use some Greenbug where indicated so you’ll be prepared!

Spring Cleaning for PestsBelow are several pests and the Spring Cleaning steps to prevent them.


Everybody hates roaches.  Spring Cleaning for roaches requires cleaning all traces of food from counter tops, floors, in cabinets, along doorways, windowsills and near plumbing fixtures under the sink(s).  Check for holes in weather stripping, cracks along windows and doors, and the condition of the seals around pipes or duct work coming into your home.  Plug ALL holes and cracks.  Now spray Greenbug Ready to Use in all areas cleaned which creates a barrier that tells roaches they are not welcome!


The Number One pest in America is ants.  If you see one, there are untold numbers in hiding ready to invade your world.  These are just like roaches in regards to Spring Cleaning because all they want is food.  Ant food isn’t always visible to us as it is the tiniest of crumbs in the corner of a cabinet or rings of dried substances at the base of jars (syrup, vegetable oil, etc.) Therefore, all surfaces that contact human food need to be washed thoroughly with soap and water.  Afterwards, spray Greenbug Ready to Use everywhere you have cleaned.  If there is a spot that you’ve had ant trouble in the past, triple apply the Greenbug Ready to Use – just saturate that area – as it will dry completely and strengthen your barrier.


Fleas love pets and prefer to nest in the spots where animals nap both inside and outside.  Spring Cleaning requires thoroughly vacuuming of all pet sleeping areas indoors.  Then spray all inside and outside nap areas with Greenbug Ready to Use as this will control adult fleas as well as eggs and larvae.


Spring Cleaning applies to the outside of your home as well so to prevent mosquitoes, eliminate all standing water.  The water provides a place to lay mosquito eggs yet finding all standing water is the challenge.  Mosquitoes only need a tablespoon of water to lay eggs so think about all the unseen areas… find them and drain them!    To continuously make sure NO mosquitoes are in your yard, get a Greenbug System.  A Greenbug System distributes Greenbug pest control product through your irrigation system so there are no bugs on the entire property!

Ticks and Chiggers

These are some nasty pests that you do not want and the best way to eliminate them is to install a Greenbug System. (See mosquitoes).  Otherwise, clear out underbrush and limb up trees so that plants don’t brush up against animals (humans and pets). That eliminates the chances for ticks and chiggers to attach. But for set-it-and-forget-it pest control against these nasty creatures, a Greenbug System sets the standard.

Spring Cleaning for Pests will make for a much better spring and summer!