To prevent pests, you need to think the way they think. They need food, shelter and places to breed so that they can multiply and make more pests. If you disrupt any of these basic needs, pests will stay away.

But pests are not created equal. Some pests fly while some pests crawl. Some require standing water. Find out below what steps you can take to prevent pests in your home.

Remove standing water to prevent pests.

This is a must with mosquitoes. But water also feeds many other pests. If no standing water exists, pests have a much harder time. Standing water exists in the bottom of flower pots. In the base of gutters that don’t drain completely. Children’s outside toys often have pockets where rain water gathers. Be diligent and inspect the property closely. And get rid of water everywhere!

Clean up food to prevent pests.

Even tiny amounts of food attract bugs. Crumbs on the counter are like a Salad Bar for pests. Food debris in the trash can is a pest magnet. Wipe down counters, surfaces, cabinets, etc. To clean up food, you don’t need harsh chemicals. It helps to use warm water with lemon.

Seal cracks in the home to prevent pests.

It is amazing how ‘porous’ a home can be. Tiny pests can find their way into your life through the most obscure points. Seal around windows and doors. Areas where plumbing enters the home are pest highways. Outdoor electrical outlets are welcome mats for bugs. All of these areas can be sealed with caulk, spackle, grout, etc.

Remove debris outside to prevent pests.

Piles of yard debris are perfect spots for bugs to breed. Last year’s wood pile is like a bug condominium. Anything that sits still for long periods of time without moving is asking for bugs. If toys, furniture, or the grill cover aren’t moved or used for a while, the pests come knocking.

Treat evidence of bugs immediately to prevent pests.

Be aggressive at the first sign of pests and get your Greenbug! If you see a line of ants outside, use Greenbug Ready to Use asap to make sure they don’t come inside. If you see mosquitoes outside, treat the yard as soon as possible with Greenbug Concentrate. Don’t use toxic chemicals – use safe and natural Greenbug products! If a roach presents itself, you can be sure there are many more. Spray with Greenbug all around the area you see a roach. If you treat pests quickly and swiftly, they’ll give up and go elsewhere.