Pesticides are presented as safe, yet the synthetic ones are anything but. Use Greenbug instead.

Back before Greenbug began, I was a working Mother of young girls. In a quest for a safe and environmentally sound lifestyle, I recycled, re-used grocery bags, chose organic produce (when it wasn’t super pricey) and even had a fabulous compost pile.

However, being ‘Green’ seemed kind of a burden.  Sort of like an odd lifestyle.  And there wasn’t anything to fear because surely the government wouldn’t allow anything dangerous into our world, right?

As a Landscape Designer,each year I received professional pesticides training where we were schooled on safe practices, new products, and how to safely manage pests with the least amount of toxicity possible. I believed that ‘if you follow label directions’, all is good and safe. Boy, was I wrong!

man spraying pesticides Years pass and one day I’m researching pesticides on the internet.  Then my life forever changed.

Within 20 minutes, I realized that the quantity of pesticides in our lives is absolutely horrifying. Our food supply is loaded and the frequency of odorless, colorless toxic chemicals being consistently applied around us is astounding.

Why so much pesticide use? We can say that the cause of literally tons of pesticides used in the food chain is the ridiculous quest for ‘perfect’ produce.  Or the pretzel logic that higher pesticide usage increases yields per acre. And there is the insane demand that our homes, schools and businesses be completely pest free.  Combine these mindsets and it is obvious…  we are a population slowly being poisoned. And the irony is that every check and balance to protect us is compromised.

Sadly, the US government is in coordination with manufacturers of toxic chemicals as the companies who profit from these toxic cocktails insist they are ‘safe’ and are given approval.  Yet synthetic chemical pesticides are undoubtedly the cause of many problems. A few examples of problems caused by synthetic pesticides are:

• Increased rates of Autism, ADHD and neurological problems such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
• Increased rates of allergies, gluten intolerance, and dietary problems like obesity
• The creation of barren, dead soil that has been pumped with so many chemicals that it cannot produce food.
• Premature death of beloved pets most often from kidney and/or liver failure.

These pesticide problems are supported by facts. Yet we all know that data can be used to present whatever argument you’re trying to make.  And unfortunately, there are many entities involved in covering up the problems associated with synthetic pesticides.  But the proof is compelling and very often indisputable.

Synthetic, chemical pesticides are bad.

Thankfully, there are safe, natural, and effective options for pest control. Greenbug products have an active ingredient of cedar.  Cedar controls pests.  Cedar comes from Nature.  In conclusion, Greenbug is a good thing.

Now there is a healthy choice we should all support.