No-see-ems No More

No-see-ems No More

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No-see-ems live here and so can you if you use Greenbug.

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is a land mass that barely lifts its head above water.  The daily ritual of incoming and outgoing tides exposes land within mere feet above sea level.  Sometimes just inches.  The vast salt marsh that licks the edges of workable soil harbors pests known as ‘no-see-ems’.  In fact, this intersection of land, sea and air is home to the greatest diversity of species of any place on earth.

This is a visual fairy tale that provokes the mind to wander.  Until, of course, one is bitten repeatedly by the ever present teeth of nearly invisible bugs.   Visitors from other lands call them sand gnats, sand fleas, midges, and punkies.  But to the locals, the only true name is No-see-ems.

no-see-emsThey aren’t actually invisible.  If the light hits correctly, you can see them swarming with a similar look of flying dust just like in this photo.  But make no mistake, these lightweight tiny particles floating around you are there for only one reason – to bite you with razor sharp teeth and suck your blood.

The favorite location is in your hair as they burrow towards your scalp and begin their feast.  It is like being pricked with a needle.  Then the bites immediately begin to itch.  Other victims are attacked along exposed skin of the arms, legs, and neck with a vengeance.  Kind of like flying piranhas…  Just a short stint outdoors can produce dozens of bites from these hungry marauders in minutes.

No one is immune from no-see-ems and some are like magnets.  Body chemistry, personal hygiene products, blood type as well as dumb luck cause certain people to be no-see-ems’ favorites.  And the worst part is that if you want to be outside, so do they.   Sunny, mild temperatures that beckon all of us outdoors means these monsters will be lurking.

Greenbug all natural productsBut don’t be discouraged for there is a solution!

Greenbug is a local company in the Lowcountry.  They have created pest control products that allow you to venture forth and enjoy the outdoors without fear of the dreaded no-see-ems.  You can create a personal bubble by using Greenbug for People – a personal pest control product.  You can also create a much bigger bubble with a Greenbug System that runs through your irrigation system so that your entire property has automatic pest control.  Using an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug offers pest control so you can enjoy the Lowcountry.

Rumor has it that certain past visitors swore the no-see-ums were so bad that they’d never return.

Now the no-see-ems have met their match in Greenbug. 


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