No-see-ems are perhaps the most annoying pest.  And they are having a banner year in the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. But what is a no-see-em and how can you avoid them?

No-see-ems controlled with a Greenbug SystemCoastal Georgia and the Lowcountry of South Carolina are land masses that barely lift their head above water. This intersection of land, sea and air offers the greatest diversity of species of any place on earth. One of those species is the No-see-em which loves to breed in moist soil.

What kind of moist soil? The pluff mud at the edge of the marsh, in all irrigated yards, and there’s a special fondness for athletic fields and golf courses.  If you are a soccer player, you know exactly what no-see-ems are!

This area of the world is a delight until… you are repeatedly bitten by the nearly invisible flying teeth known as no-see-ems. Visitors from other lands also call them sand gnats, sand flies, sand fleas, midges, and punkies. But to the locals, the only true name is No-see-ems.

No-see-ems aren’t actually invisible.  If the light hits correctly, you can see them swarming with a look of flying dust. But make no mistake, these lightweight, tiny particles floating around you are there for only one reason – to bite you with razor sharp teeth and suck your blood.

No-see-ems are magnetized to your carbon dioxide as you exhale.  They are also drawn in when you perspire. Add in additional fragrances from perfumes, lotions and deodorants and you are an irresistible dining opportunity for no-see-ems!

The favorite location is in your hair as they burrow towards your scalp and begin to feast. Bites of no-see-ems are like tiny, sharp stings as though being pricked with a needle. Then the bites immediately begin to itch. Some victims are attacked along every square inch of exposed skin with a vengeance matched only by piranhas. Just a few moments outdoors for some can produce dozens of bites.  And if you have an allergic reaction, may God help you.

No one is immune and some are like magnets. And the worst part is that if you want to be outside, so do they. Beautiful days with sunny, mild temperatures that beckon us outdoors means these monsters will be lurking.

But don’t be discouraged.

There is a solution for No-see-ems.

Greenbug is a family of pest control solutions that allow you to venture forth and enjoy the outdoors whenever you want to. You can create a personal bubble of control by using Greenbug for People/Pets. You can also make your entire property no-see-em free with a Greenbug System that puts Greenbug through your irrigation system. Yes, with a Greenbug System, your entire property is free of no-see-ems and other pests.

No-see-ems have met their match so you can completely enjoy the outdoors with Greenbug!