Treatment for Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes, for People:

Use Greenbug for People/Pets.  Do not dilute.  Apply evenly on all exposed skin by spraying directly from 2-6 inches or spray into hands and then rub on skin.  Spray into hands to apply on face.  Rotate arms and legs while spraying and use between 6 and 18 sprays.  May need reapplication every few hours especially when active or perspiring.

Mosquitoes, Outside:

Many times you plan outdoor events only to be miserable because of mosquitoes. Well, no more! The first step is determining the boundaries of what you want mosquito-free. You will need a pump or backpack sprayer and fill with either Greenbug Ready to Use or follow dilution instructions and use Greenbug Concentrate.

Spray the outside area on Day 1, Day 3, Day 6, Day 10 and the morning of the Day 15. You have now established a barrier of control.  To maintain that barrier, spray once a week for several weeks.  After that, you may begin to stretch out the time between applications up to once every three weeks.

It is not reasonable to expect a pest free area if you spray just once or just the day before.  That is because Greenbug is a natural product (not synthetic) and the barrier must be built up and created.  But once the barrier is intact, you only need to apply the minimum amount of Greenbug necessary to maintain that barrier.

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