Mosquitoes are carriers of West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Malaria, and others are diseases.  To quote a line from a silly game, “Which would you rather?”

What disease caused by mosquitoes would you rather have?

There is so much info on the internet and mainstream media recently about the Zika Virus.  Several years ago, it was all about West Nile Virus.  All kinds of celebrities are engaged in solutions to Malaria for third world countries.  Obviously, we’re familiar with all of them. But which disease are you most likely to get and which are you most likely to recuperate from?

A little bit of background on mosquitoes.  They must have water to lay eggs.  It doesn’t need to be much water at all – just enough to fill the palm of your hand.  The mosquitoes lay eggs that hatch into water-loving larva.  The larval stage is brief – only 3 days or so – and water is the essential ingredient. Then the mosquitoes emerge as males (harmless) or females (disease-carrying blood suckers).  To prevent mosquitoes from coming after you, get some Greenbug!

No mosquitoes

West Nile Virus was confirmed in 2015 in all but 3 states (lucky for you if you live in Alaska, Vermont or New Hampshire).  People can be infected with West Nile Virus and never know it.  If there are symptoms, they include fever, aches, chills and other flu-like issues for a week or so.  However, it can be fatal to those with compromised health.  In 2015, there were 2060 cases of West Nile Virus in the United States resulting in 119 deaths.  Not good.

Zika Virus can also be present and there be no symptoms.  If there are symptoms, they are similar to West Nile Virus – fever, aches, chills and other flu-like issues for a week or so.  There have been big worries recently about birth defects caused by the Zika Virus.  But there is no proof or linkage, just the issuance of precautionary statements.  There have been zero cases of Zika Virus contracted within the United States since knowledge of the disease began.  The skeeters here don’t carry it so unless you travel, you won’t get it.  No cases, no deaths so Zika is looking good for the answer.

Malaria is deadly only when there is no access to healthcare.  Malaria isn’t carried by mosquitoes within the U.S. and it can be controlled with proper medical attention.  But this disease has such a bad, powerful reputation based on millions of deaths that its history alone makes it something to dread.

So what is the answer?  Which would you rather?  Well, none of the above!  To make sure of it, keep Greenbug for People/Pets on hand!  If you want your whole yard free of mosquitoes, get a Greenbug System.  Control mosquitoes using Greenbug so you won’t have to answer this ridiculous question!