Greenbug People/Pets as mosquito repellentsYou need to protect yourself with mosquito repellents. Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has been spotted again this year. So what do you do?

Use Mosquito Repellents!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, EEE has a terribly scary “33% mortality rate”.  We’re talking about a real threat!

So how do you protect yourself? Staying inside 100% of the time isn’t normal. So you must protect yourself.

Mosquito repellents come in quite a variety. Which mosquito repellents work? Which are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent? Below are some guidelines about mosquito repellents:

DEET – Big No No! DEET is a synthetic chemical neuro-toxin.  DEET targets brain function. Humans can absorb more than 50% of DEET. If mixed with sunscreen, you absorb even more. Don’t use DEET unless you like absorbing poison.

Mosquito Misting Systems – These spray toxic chemicals in Nature. They use synthetic pyrethroids that kill mosquitoes.  They also kill honey bees, butterflies and even small dogs.  If the wind is blowing or the mosquitoes avoid the mist, then nothing happens.  Yet many friends in Nature are harmed

Citronella – Citronella offends mosquitoes. Note the word ‘offends’.  It does not kill. If a mosquito isn’t very hungry, citronella is fine. However, if a mosquito needs blood, citronella is of no use.  The mosquito will bust right through it!

Natural products – We’ve all used green products hoping something will work. They come in a variety of essential oils.  Lemon grass, peppermint, and others.  They work like citronella. They are offensive yet only marginally effective.

Greenbug for People/PetsGreenbug are cedar based mosquito repellents.  Bingo! Cedar is deadly to pests yet harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Greenbug for People/Pets doesn’t hurt honey bees, butterflies or small dogs. But Greenbug controls mosquitoes. So Greenbug offers mosquito repellents that are green but actually work!

Use Greenbug for People/Pets as mosquito repellents for you and your doggie.  Greenbug Ready to Use and Greenbug Concentrate are used outside to repel mosquitoes in larger areas.  If you REALLY want total mosquito control, get a Greenbug System so your entire property is pest free! It automatically offer pest control by distributing Greenbug Concentrate through your irrigation system.

Mosquito repellents are not created equal.  Be safe AND effective with Greenbug.