Treatment for Mites:

First you must determine if you have mites. The only way to accurately diagnose mites is with a high-powered, medical grade microscope. In lieu of that, we recommend the Greenbug Three Day Trial to determine if you mites are what you have.

To perform the Greenbug Three Day Trial, you will need at least a quart of Greenbug for People/Pets. Before beginning the trial, document biting and crawling symptoms and rate on a scale of 1 – 10. As you experience symptoms, spray yourself with the Greenbug for People/Pets. Spray yourself multiple times a day if needed. You can also spray your bedding, mattress, and furniture as well. Do this for three days and document your symptoms as you go. (Note – the Greenbug for People/Pets will NOT control the itching if itching is caused by previous bites.)

Please note that many people state that using the Greenbug for People/Pets can actually worsen symptoms in the short run. This is strong evidence you have mites and here is why: The mites that remain have now been threatened. Their survival is at stake so they frantically try to lay more eggs. They must feed to have enough protein to make eggs. So an increase in biting is most definitely a sign you have riled up a mite infestation. At the end of three days, analyze your symptoms again using the same rating scale.

If after the Three Day Trial your symptoms are substantially improved, it is very likely you have mites and it is time to consider treatment.


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