Mites are a difficult pest that will drive you nuts.  Unfortunately, there are other circumstances that mimic them so it is imperative to know if mites are what you have in order to treat them.  Below are descriptions of mite symptoms followed by the Three Day Trial with steps to determine if mites are what you have.

Mites are often described as:

  • Unexplained sensations of crawling and biting. Yet there is NOTHING there!
  • Increased activity at night. This is particularly irritating because it disrupts precious sleep causing increased agitation and worry.
  • Insane itching that doesn’t seem to have a root cause. Consider changes in laundry soap, lotions, bath products or if you’ve purchased new clothing lately.
  • A sense of panic. No signs of bugs yet feelings of bugs. Many patients go to the doctor only to be told they are making it up or it is all in their heads.
  • Very quick onset of symptoms. Mites are active from the beginning.

Here are the steps to a Three Day Trial to determine if mites are what you have.

itching from mitesDetermine on a scale of 1 – 10 how bad your symptoms are throughout the day.  If it is worst at night in the bed or worst in the evening in the recliner in the family room, make note of where, when and how bad the sensations are.  This will be your baseline to compare results.

Get some Greenbug for People/Pets.  This is a cedar-based product that controls mites.

Apply Greenbug for People/Pets to the skin, clothing, and bedding as needed. Before going to bed, reapply as needed.  Spray the mattress and linens. You are trying to create a barrier to control the mites… IF that is what you have.

Keep this up for 3 days. Apply as often as you want following label instructions. It won’t necessarily help with itching because that is caused by earlier bites. But sensations of crawling, active biting… those are definitely controlled by Greenbug for People/Pets if that is the issue.

After three days, take a personal assessment of your symptoms and gauge them again on a 1 – 10 scale. Have the symptoms improved? Has the crawling subsided? Has the itching abated? If any of these answers is yes, it is very likely you have mites.  Keep in mind, the symptoms will NOT go away completely during the trial (especially itching).  All you are trying to do is assess the results to see if moving forward with treatment is worthy.

If you have mites, the Three Day Trial with Greenbug for People/Pets will let you know.

Good luck!