mites causing itching, control with GreenbugYou are itching like crazy. You swear you are being bitten by bugs and you can’t find any. You can’t sleep.

Searching wildly for bugs under the sheets, you are fearful of bed bugs and yet you find nothing. You wash your sheets in the hottest water possible and feel better for a bit but then the incessant itching returns. You are desperate and panicked – are you going crazy?

NO! You are NOT crazy and you are not imagining things! However, you are a victim. You are a victim of mites.

Mites are microscopic creatures that have somehow entered your home. They become most active at night as they bite and crawl. The scary part is you can FEEL them – but you can’t see them. No wonder you thought you were crazy…

They are invisible to the naked eye and even to a powerful magnifying glass. We all know how small dust mites are – these mites are their first cousin.

But you are not crazy. Mites are real, they are spreading rapidly and the very good news is they are treatable.

What you have may be bird mites, they may be rat mites, or another one of the gazillion types of mites that can choose to feed on humans. Where did they come from?

Somehow, somewhere another mammal had mites and stayed for awhile in your home. Perhaps it was birds nesting in your eaves, a rat or a mouse that found a way into your crawl space, or perhaps raccoons that wandered into your garage the one night you forgot to shut the garage door. But some other ‘host’ was in your home and then left. And they left the mites behind. Once this other animal leaves, the mites need a new ‘host’ and guess who the mites find? They find you and the cycle of craziness begins.

The only way to confirm an accurate diagnosis of mites is to view them under a microscope. The best way to capture them is to use clear scotch tape. Go to the area on your body that is itching / reactive and put the sticky side of a piece of scotch tape against your skin. Take this to your doctor or dermatologist to confirm your suspicions.

To treat, you will need a product that kills mites – not an over the counter insecticide.

Pest Control Technicians can only treat for pests they have identified so that isn’t an option.  So what to do?

You can treat mites yourself using Greenbug!  Yes, Greenbug offers a professional grade fogger you can buy so you can control mites using an active ingredient of cedar.  Or you can rent the fogger and use Greenbug.

They first step is realizing you are not going crazy. The next step is controlling the mites using Greenbug. Then you are on your way to getting rid of them and getting back to being yourself again.