Why are Head Lice a continuing problem?  With all the innovations and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century, can we not just eradicate these blood suckers once and for all? You can with Greenbug and here is the rest of the story…

Now that we have Super Lice, what is up?

Head Lice being treated with GreenbugI remember in elementary school there was a student in Mrs. Preston’s class that had head lice.  I’d never heard of this ailment and when I told my Mom, was taken aback by her hypersensitive reaction.

“What?! Who’s got head lice?  Have you EVER played with him on the playground?  Is he friends with anyone you sit with at lunch?  How long have they known about this?  Come over here right now so I can look through your scalp!”

Then came the dreaded, disgusted inspection of every square inch of my scalp under the disapproving nose of my Mom as though I had intentionally brought The Plague into the house.  “We are NOT going to deal with head lice I tell you!” My Mom would repeat over and over as she pulled my tangles taught looking for the mysterious bugs.

These memories are from another era.  Back before Disco, cell phones and more than 4 TV channels so this is a long time ago in terms of science.  How is it that head lice are still around?  Are the chemicals not quite strong enough?  What gives?

The simple answer is that head lice are a product of Nature and Man will NEVER beat Nature.  We can fight Nature all we want but in the end, Man is powerless against the perfect balance of the natural world.

The more complex answer as to why head lice prevail requires an analysis of Man’s path in trying to control these human parasites.  So far, the plan has been to create increasingly powerful synthetic chemical pesticides to combat these parasites.  But we’re finding that stronger, more potent chemicals don’t control them.  (But using those more lethal concoctions does pollute our water, destroy the environment and poison our bodies – but that is another set of talking points for another time.)

Hmm, chemical pesticides are increasing in toxicity yet these monsters are more prevalent than ever.  So much for technological advancements!

So what do we do?  Shaving everyone’s heads isn’t a solution so what else?

Let’s go back to that Nature-is-all-powerful mindset again…  Hey, what if we used something from Nature to combat something else in Nature?  What is this magic ingredient?

Cedar! And cedar is the active ingredient in Greenbug for People/PetsHere is a link to learn how to treat head lice by scrolling to “Pick a Pest” and choose head lice.

We don’t need synthetic chemical inventions for pests.  Use Greenbug and cedar to control head lice.

Just like the cedar chest your Grandmother had, Greenbug and Cedar is Nature’s perfect ingredient for pest control!