Head Lice, also known as Pediculosis, are small, wingless parasites that affect up to 12 million US children each year.  Per the CDC, they are not defined as a health risk.  Because of this definition, school head lice policies are changing.


In the past, if head lice or nits (head lice eggs) were discovered on a child, he or she would be sent home from school and not allowed to return until there was no more evidence.  The school would send home a letter to all students in the class cautioning that head lice were discovered and that all parents should inspect for nits or head lice before sending kids to school.  Policies were clear – a child with head lice would not be allowed to attend school.


People do all they can to avoid head lice because historically, the process of head lice treatment is a huge undertaking with great opportunity for failure!  Head lice are one of parents’ worst nightmares!


Traditionally, treatment for head lice had to begin immediately or else they could spread throughout the entire family.  All bedding and linens had to be washed in the hottest settings possible and kept separated from all other linens until they too, were freshly cleaned.  The poor child faced treatment with dreadful, toxic chemical shampoos.  Then the worst part of all – the parents had to inspect and comb through each strand on the child’s head to remove all nits.  Ugh!


Multiple kids meant repeating the steps multiple times.  Re-infestations started the entire ordeal over again. A vicious circle with these growing children’s scalps getting slathered with poisons over and over and over…


Standard policies now state that a student with evidence of lice has a letter sent home requesting that treatment be performed.  That is all.  No child is removed from the classroom, no other parents are notified, and the presence of nits or live head lice is kept quiet so as not to ‘shame’ the student or risk him or her missing any education.


While many feel the previous policies were discriminatory, the new policies do nothing to protect other kids from head lice.  Hmmm… not exactly comforting to busy parents!


The solution is Greenbug for People/Pets!  Greenbug for People/Pets can be applied directly to a child’s head and scalp to control adult head lice as well as to control the nits.  No combing necessary.  (Hooray!)  If you suspect a fellow student has head lice and want to avoid them, lightly spray Greenbug for People/Pets on your child’s head and belongings before school.


Greenbug for People/Pets can control head lice without toxic chemicals and without combing out the nits.  It can also offer some protection control from getting head lice in the first place.  If the policies won’t protect your family, protect yourself using Greenbug for People/Pets!