‘Head Lice’ and ‘Back to School’ mean the same thing.

Head Lice. Gag. If your kids are back in school, there is the threat of getting these wretched little pests. And let’s all agree, they are just plain gross. Are you prepared to control head lice?

These nasty little parasites ONLY feed on humans. Not like mosquitoes that will lower their standards to dogs, cattle or birds. Nope, head lice are strictly an issue for people.

Head Lice being treated with GreenbugSo how do head lice spread? They can’t fly or jump – only crawl slowly. So it’s not like they are ninjas on attack. They can only crawl from one scalp to the next when close by. This is a real issue for younger kids.  Think about little kids interact with each other – snuggled together in bean bag chairs, rolling around on the mats laughing, whispering funny things. Such cute, interactive behavior is perfect for these bugs to spread!

But older kids are different. If your kid wears a jacket to school and jams it onto the teeny little peg… right next to Johnny’s jacket… and if Johnny’s jacket has a few head lice, then BAM!  Now your child does too! There is plenty of time during the school day for these parasites to crawl onto your child’s jacket.

And even older kids? Taking selfies is the perfect way to have scalps touch.

Now there is the threat of Super Head Lice that can’t be treated.  What?  They don’t know about Greenbug!

Greenbug for People/Pets is your new best friend! Greenbug for People/Pets will control head lice AND THEIR NITS!  Yes, one application controls all stages of these horrible bugs.  You do not need to comb out the nits when treating with Greenbug!

head lice warning

If your child has head lice, treat as soon as possible to prevent further spread. DO NOT use the expensive, toxic chemical pesticides from the drug store because they are A). Toxic, and B). They won’t work. No sense putting poison on your child’s head to still have parasites.

The solution? Greenbug for People/Pets.  Liberally apply to hair and scalp.  Cover with a shower cap for 4 hours to overnight. Shampoo and style as usual. That is it!

Lightly spray your child’s hair and belongings with Greenbug for People/Pets before school each day to repel an infestation.  Yes, you can actually prevent head lice using Greenbug!

If it’s Back to School time, get some Greenbug for People/Pets and have it on hand.  If you get the dreaded memo from school warning of an infestation in the classroom, you’ll want to be prepared.  Greenbug for People/Pets controls head lice so there is no need to panic.