Green Pest Control is Safer

Green Pest Control is a viable, successful alternative to synthetic, chemical pesticides. Also referred to Organic Pest Control or Natural Pest Control, Green Pest Control can work. If you’re not sure about that, check out what the Pest Control Industry had to say. Here is an opening line from an article published a while back by a Pest Control Industry magazine:

“Organic home-use pesticides are a safer alternative to conventional pesticides but residents have low awareness and confidence in the ‘green’ varieties….”

Wait, what? The Pest Control Industry just admitted that alternatives to their products are safer but consumers either don’t know about them or are confident they won’t work. There are two points to make here:

  1. ‘Natural’, ‘Green’, and ‘Organic’ pest control alternatives are safer than conventional pesticides.
    Hello – the pest control experts just said it!
  2. The public has been brainwashed to think that only synthetic, man-made toxins are worthy of
    controlling pests… and that “Natural’, ‘Green’, and ‘Organic’ products are inferior.

Why the low awareness and lack of confidence? That is a direct correlation to the huge marketing
campaigns from Big Chemical. Hats off to the corporate mega-giants convincing everyone that only
their products can provide a solution but proof positive that it isn’t in the best interest of the

With massive marketing budgets, every angle is worked to make sure their products are presented as
the strongest, the safest and the most satisfying. Have you ever seen ad campaigns like these?

  • You have ants? Be like this happy family and get the Number 1, fast-acting, mega-powerful
    Product X to zap, wipe-out, or knockdown those angry, evil ants.
  • You have roaches? Initiate a lopsided WAR with these vile, hideous monsters who are planning
    their next surprise attack. Armed with Product Y, it’s Super Mom dominance against roaches.
  • Enjoy your picture-perfect lawn with you family because you just sprayed with Product Z. Kids
    and pets lounge in the grass while Perfect Dad grills and Perfect Mom brings out happy snacks
    for all.

Ah, Marketing 101 by these huge corporations in the effort to sell poisons created in science
laboratories. But these toxins are not safe. They are man-made poisons that are poisoning us and our

Wouldn’t something SAFE be a better alternative? Safe like Green Pest Control?

The next time you are bitten by a bug, think Greenbug. If you see a bug, think Greenbug. If you
loathe bugs, think Greenbug.

Don’t drink the Big Chemical kool-aid and opt for synthetic, chemical poisons. Now that you know
“Organic home-use pesticides are a safer alternative to conventional pesticides,” use your head and
choose Greenbug instead!