Giant Mosquitoes are Here!

Mosquitoes are an issue every time the weather warms up and the breeding conditions ripen.  Unfortunately, mosquitoes carry diseases.  But there is more to fear…


Imported mosquitoes are bigger, more aggressive and more numerous. Yikes!


How did this happen?


Shipments coming in from other countries are the main transportation route for these newfangled bloodsuckers to our shores.  This is only going to worsen as international trade is only going to increase.  As these new species enter our country, they find ample opportunities to breed since we already breed the domestic mosquitoes like crazy.


Why fear imported mosquitoes?  In the big picture, invasive species disrupt the balance of the environment.  Granted, it would be hard to champion the rights of mosquitoes, but they are here for some reason and messing up their lives can start a Domino Effect of a myriad of issues.  (Case in point – ask any farmer in the South about kudzu and they’ll let you know about the dangers of an invasive species.)


But on a personal level, invasive mosquitoes that are larger, more aggressive and more numerous is a nightmare!  A bigger bug creates a bigger bite that takes longer to heal.  This is certainly a concern as the Mommy of young children or if you’re particularly sensitive to mosquito bites.


More aggressive and more numerous mosquitoes are obvious problems.  Our domestic breeds tend to be an issue strictly during dawn and dusk.  Aggressive species attack whenever – so no time is safe.  And if there are more, watch out.  Twice as many is twice the concern!  Great breeding opportunities can create 3 times the normal number and more.


Yet there is more to worry about – these virile skeeters will become resistant to synthetic pesticides more readily.  That means the synthetic pesticides developed to control them will stop working.  Mutations will occur so that the diseases carried by mosquitoes will be carried more effectively.  Take everything bad about mosquitoes and multiply the problems – that is the fear of imported mosquitoes! 


What is a solution?  Certainly not synthetic pesticides…  How about a product made from ingredients found in Nature that these mosquitoes cannot become resistant to?  Yes, it exists – the solution is Greenbug!  With an active ingredient of cedar, Greenbug controls mosquitoes – even the crazy imported ones.


Mosquitoes are bad enough but newer, larger, more aggressive and more numerous blood suckers are here and only getting worse.  Don’t be a victim! Protect yourself and loved ones with Greenbug!