Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (GM Mosquitoes) are those with altered DNA.  Scientists have modified their chromosomes and added foreign, crazy traits into their DNA. This is a very bad idea.

Altered DNA is not the same as cross breeding or selective breeding.  Selective breeding stresses certain traits like trying to develop sweeter watermelons or larger apples.  It is cross-pollination of varieties with desirable traits.  Selective breeding has existed since Man first started gathering and planting seeds.

Cross breeding is a Labradoodle. That crosses a Labrador and a Poodle.  These two dogs could easily mate and produce puppies in the wild but humans have gotten involved and now it is a new species.

These processes are fine because they magnify desirable traits already found in Nature.  This is aiding the breeding, not playing God. Altering DNA is very different.

Altering DNA (genetic modification) is freakish and straight out of a science fiction novel.  Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) would never possibly exist in Nature.   In this case, the DNA is altered so that male mosquitoes cannot reach adulthood.  (Caveat… unless they are given the antibiotic tetracycline but more about that later.)  If males don’t grow up, these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes cannot reproduce.

No Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

If male mosquitoes can’t reproduce, the mosquito population dies.  That’s good, right? WRONG!!!  Scientific experiments have side effects and they cannot possibly anticipate them.  Releasing these unknown mutants into the environment is scary because once released, there is no way to turn back.  This is Pandora’s Box!

GM mosquitoes are bad because mosquitoes are a link in the food chain.  Granted, if mosquitoes were gone very few humans would mourn.  BUT, there would be an imbalance and problems from that imbalance would not be seen for a while.  By then it is too late as you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.

Remember the antibiotic tetracycline that negates the dying mosquitoes? Many don’t realize that our entire US water supply is polluted with varying levels of antibiotics – including tetracycline.  So these Genetically Modified Mosquitoes could possibly receive adequate levels of antibiotics from the environment and then mutate into something even scarier.

What about the fish who eat these genetically modified larvae? Do they now have trouble reproducing? And what about further up the food chain to the bears and humans who eat the fish?  Does this altered DNA we eat affect our reproduction? (BTW, that is exactly how DDT operated.)

What if you get bitten by a mosquito carrying this man-made DNA? Are you now infected with these genes?  Disaster looms with too many unknowns to support this freak show.

The company poised to make huge profits from these monsters insists that none of these problems are possible.  But how could they know? They claim there is nothing to worry about because the FDA says that Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are safe.

But don’t buy that – the FDA authorized samples of Thalidomide which produced thousands of deformed and dead babies.  And keep in mind that DDT won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1948.  So yeah, if the government says something is safe, it may very well not be.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are flying Frankensteins in Pandora’s Box.

There is no need for science fiction creatures when Nature provides all that we need.  To get rid of mosquitoes, remove all standing water on your property so they can’t breed. That takes care of up to 90% of the problem.

Beyond that, use GreenbugGreenbug uses Nature’s own pest control ingredient of cedar.  Use it in your back yard, on your person, in your home – wherever mosquitoes lurk.  Greenbug offers food-grade ingredients for pest control.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes are nothing but monsters and we don’t need monsters. Say no to flying Frankensteins out of Pandora’s Box!