Treatment for Fleas:

Fleas on dogs Spraying my dog for fleas the first time is when I knew Greenbug for People/Pets was awesome!

Like many people before me, I had used the spot drop treatments which I had thought were fine to use. We used the super duper spot drop product on a Thursday and the following Tuesday, our German Shepherd / Collie mix had a huge engorged tick. Hmmm… So we sprayed it and Bam! – it died instantly and we could actually see it shrivel. As the spot drop had done such a poor job on the tick, we then wondered about the fleas. So we got a white sheet, laid it out on the floor and had our doggie stand on the sheet. We sprayed the Greenbug for People/Pets into our hands and rubbed it into her fur to where the aroma thoroughly penetrated all of her fur. She didn’t mind it a bit. We stepped away and she shook – and dead fleas went everywhere! I think we stopped counting at 20!

Flea control breaks down into two categories – Prevention and Infestations. These are discussed below:


Prevention can be accomplished by treating your dog before exposure to fleas by spraying the Greenbug for People/Pets into your hands and then massaging into the fur penetrating down to the skin. As long as there is any aroma of Greenbug in the fur, there is flea control present. You can also bathe your dog using ½ cup of Greenbug for Indoors/Outdoors Ready to Use formulation in the bath water. This also penetrates into the fur to create the repellent barrier.

If for some reason you forgot to treat the dog before flea exposure, you can treat your dog immediately after exposure by performing the steps listed above (spray into your hands, massage deep into fur). But this after exposure treatment needs to be done immediately to control any fleas that may have hitched a ride.


For an infestation in your home, the last thing you treat is the dog. (Most people think treating the pet is the first line of attack but it is not – for every one flea on your dog, there are hundreds elsewhere.) It is imperative to find the source of the fleas and treat that, then the environment, the lastly, treat the animal.

If the dog stays outside for periods of time, assume the outside is where the fleas are coming from. Spray any sleeping or resting areas outside with Greenbug Ready to Use or the Concentrate formula after diluting at a 1:32 ratio. Fleas love shady spots because their meal tickets (your dog) love shady spots as well. Spray the entire areas on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 using the Greenbug for Indoors/Outdoors. If the area is small, use a hand or pump sprayer. If it is large, use a hose-end or back pack sprayer.

To address the indoors, begin by vacuuming the entire house thoroughly after lightly spraying the vacuum hose, canister and/or bag with Greenbug for People/Pets. This will control any fleas, larva or eggs that may enter the vacuum cleaner. Pay careful attention to areas the dog sleeps or spends a lot of time.

Spray Greenbug Ready to Use thoroughly on all baseboards (flea eggs and larva love to live along baseboards), on all carpeted areas, on all dog bedding and all areas the dog spends time. Apply on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Wash all dog bedding (and all linens if the doggie likes to sleep on human beds) in the hottest water possible adding a teaspoon of Greenbug Concentrate or a 1/2 cup of Greenbug Ready to Use to the load. This infuses the linens with cedar aroma for further repellency. Dry on the hottest setting possible without harming your belongings as this will also help control fleas.

To treat the dog, it is a great idea to add ½ cup of Greenbug Ready to Use formulation to the bath water. To augment that treatment, you can use the Greenbug for People/Pets on the dog by spraying into your hands first and rubbing into the fur. Make sure the aroma penetrates down to the skin under the fur as that is where larva and eggs hide out.

For a relatively mild infestation, these steps should take care of it. If it is really bad, continue on Days 4, 5 and 6 and go longer if necessary (but it would have to be really, really bad to need that much effort!).

Note: Greenbug for People/Pets is also what I use on my kitty cats. However, as a caveat, the active ingredient in Greenbug for People/Pets is essential oil of cedar and there are some who say not to use any essential oils on cats. (FYI – there are many types of essential oil of cedar and some are very toxic. However, our cedar oil is a food-grade quality of Juniperus virginiana which is known by the common name of Eastern Red Cedar.)

After consulting with experts, I have made the personal decision to use it on my kitty cats but use it sparingly and with extreme caution. I have only used it on my cats when there was a flea infestation in our home at one time. I followed all the treatment for the home as outlined above. I combed my kitty cats’ fur diligently for those three days and used the Greenbug for People/Pets ONLY directly on fleas to control them. Therefore, I didn’t do an all over body application at all – just small spots. I then took a washcloth/paper towel with a little water on it and wipe off the area where I had sprayed.

We cannot recommend Greenbug for People/Pets be used on cats but wanted to share it is our personal decision.

Fleas in carpet

Spray Greenbug Ready to Use formulation or the Concentrate formula diluted 1:32 in all affected areas on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. If fleas persist, it is necessary to find the source of the fleas (see ‘Infestation’ above). Then continue the spraying Days 4, 5 and 6.

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