Fire Ants

Treatment for Fire Ants:

Now these are some creatures you don’t want around! To control Fire Ants, get your Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate after dilution and spray around the perimeter of the nest to create a barrier to protect yourself.

Now take a long stick and jab it down into the middle of the mound. Stir the stick around a few times to get the ants boiling out and to get the stick as far down into the nest as possible. Leave the stick in the mound at a slight angle. (Make sure no ants crawl up the stick to get you and also watch your feet for the ants from underground!)

Spray Greenbug Ready to Use or the Greenbug Concentrate after dilution on any ants emerging from the mound so that you can get close to the stick. Using the stick as an opportunity to get deep within the mound, pour the Greenbug down the stick (no more than a slow dribble) so that it goes deep within the nest. The amount used is determined by the size of the mound but start with about ½ cup.

One application is usually enough. However, some fire ant mounds go to the left or right underground (instead of straight down) which is not obvious from the surface. Check the nest the next day by twirling the stick around. If ants boil up again, poke around in the soil to determine the nest location underground and repeat the process as above.


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