Dust mites cause allergy problems for many people.  Therefore, they are one of the top pest problems in the United States.  Those who suffer from dust mites often feel helpless yet Greenbug can control them with minimal effort.  Learn how to control these microscopic monsters using the following instructions.  Please let us know if we can help!

Dust MItes Controlled Using GreenbugDust mites exist just about everywhere humans live.  They usually reside in large quantities and since they are invisible to the human eye, there is no way to tell how many you have.  Furthermore, even if they are completely eliminated, dust mites can be re-introduced to a home at any time as they hitch rides on clothing, shoes, and purchases.

Greenbug products control dust mites in all situations.  You can have an acute problem which is a serious infestation requiring fogging.  Or you may have a chronic issue where you have reactions to dust mite populations that vary within your home.  A chronic issue requires ongoing effort whereas an acute issue may only need one treatment.

For Chronic Dust Mite Issues:

This means you have an ongoing problem with dust mite allergies and need to proactively control them.  The best product to spray is Greenbug Ready to Use or the Greenbug Concentrate at the correct dilution rate.  Spray this periodically on items that house dust mites.  Bedding, upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, stored clothing, pillows, blankets, etc. are all cloth-like articles that can collect dust mites. Almost anything that has fiber to it is a dust mite trap whereas hard surfaces aren’t as likely to harbor them. Depending on the level of control required, spraying can be done daily, weekly, whenever linens are changed, once a month, etc. Keep in mind that Greenbug does not stain or leave a residue and will also dry completely clear.

You can also use Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate at the correct dilution rate when you launder these same items to give you extra control power.  Use between 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup in the fabric softener cycle of the washer.  Consequently, it will make your bedding, linens, etc. smell fresh and help control future dust mites.

For Acute Dust Mite Issues:

If you have an acute situation, the dust mites are very established, hence they are winning the battle.  This can happen if you move to a new home, if a room sits vacant for a time, or if visitors accidentally bring them in droves.  In order to deal with an infestation of dust mites, you need to perform a fogging treatment.

A fogging treatment is recommended because the dust mites are too numerous for spraying to control.  The fogging takes the Greenbug for People/Pets and atomizes it into tiny, tiny particles to where it is like smoke, a fog or like being in the clouds.  As a result, this fog will penetrate into hiding spots you could never reach by spraying and when done as thoroughly as needed, will control dust mites like flipping a switch!

Below are fogging instructions and materials needed.  You can either get the items you need separately or opt for a fogger bundle package that can save you money.  Please note that Greenbug for People/Pets does not dilute with water and is the product used in the fogger.  Greenbug Ready to Use and Greenbug Concentrate are mixed with water and can be used to spray surfaces or used in the laundry.

Materials needed:

Mite Fogger Treatment Bundle     OR

Greenbug for People/Pets using 1 quart per 1000 square feet 

Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate, quantity as needed

Lightweight, ultra low volume, non-thermal fogger


Protective goggles

Lightly spray inside the vacuum cleaner hose, canister and/or bag with Greenbug for People/Pets. (This will control any dust mites or eggs that may enter the vacuum cleaner.) Then thoroughly vacuum the entire area to be treated. It is wise to vacuum the surfaces of bedding, upholstered furniture, carpet and draperies if possible.

Wash all linens and bedding items in the hottest water possible adding a teaspoon of Greenbug Concentrate or a 1/2 cup of Greenbug Ready to Use to the load. This is a contact killer for existing dust mites and also infuses the linens with cedar aroma for future control. Dry on the hottest setting possible without harming your belongings.

Fogging Treatment – The most effective treatment is to use a fogger (described above) using Greenbug for People/Pets placed on the smallest droplet size possible. Be sure every person involved in this treatment has a respirator and goggles.

Prior to treatment, turn off all pilot lights. Turn off smoke alarms and alert security system monitoring companies as the mist can trigger smoke alarms. Remove all animals/pets and plants from areas to be fogged.

Beginning at the far side of a room, aim the fogger filled with Greenbug for People/Pets directly at all potential harbor spots (anything made with textiles – draperies, carpeting, upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, rugs, curtains, stuffed animals, pillows, etc. Make sure the mist penetrates thoroughly. Pry fabric apart, blast up under and into upholstered furniture, fog all nooks and crannies as you move your way out of the room.

Take out the filter to the HVAC unit. Turn the system to ‘Fan’ and ‘On’ so that there is air circulation. Direct the fogger into the intake vent to make sure fog moves throughout the duct work. (This is a great harboring spot for dust mites.) As soon as you witness fog coming out of the vents, the duct work treatment is complete and you may turn off the fan.

Allow the fog to penetrate a minimum of 4 hours. Upon returning, wear the respirator if any fog still remains. Air out the areas that have been fogged by opening windows, using fans, and/or by running the air conditioner/heater to circulate the air. The room can now be cleaned as usual and inhabited immediately.

Dust Mites – How to Control Them