no bed bugsBed bugs are here. They are really, really here and are NOT going away. What gives? Didn’t we get rid of these back in the ’50’s?

Many say that DDT is the solution and that removing it from our arsenal is the reason these blood sucking monsters are back. Wrong. Most importantly, the lack of DDT has no bearing on the resurgence of bed bugs.

First of all, it isn’t like DDT went away in the last 5 years. DDT was banned back in the ’70’s so we’re talking 40 years ago. Since 40 years has passed, please note that bed bugs have been an issue only within the last 8, maybe 10 years.

So what is happening? Why are these blood suckers here and why can’t we get rid of them once and for all?

Bed bugs are an issue because of synthetic, chemical pesticides. These toxins are all derived from World War II chemistry. These increasingly poisonous products have created super bed bugs capable of withstanding insane levels of toxicity, poisons and deadly pesticides.

Consequently, these bugs are here due to a scientific phenomenon called ‘Pesticide Resistance’. Pesticide Resistance is explained as follows:

• Whenever a pest population is treated with a given synthetic pesticide, there is a certain percentage of that pest group that is somehow immune to that pesticide.
• The end result is a certain group of those bugs will not be affected by pesticide X.
• These survivors now have offspring and the babies are resistant too!
• Then they lay eggs and then they lay eggs and voila – after a while, the entire population of that pest is immune to pesticide X.

This particular pesticide is no longer effective so what do the scientists do? Create a new pesticide that is stronger, more toxic and more pervasive so that the same level of control is achieved. The result is that humans, animals, the environment and all that is sacred are now exposed to higher levels of toxins yet fewer pests are controlled.

Super Bed Bugs have been created. We are now at insanely toxic pesticides and higher toxicity in our world.

Bed bugs are back due to chemical pesticides.

The ONLY solution to control bed bugs is something from Nature. Yes, you can use extreme heat, ruin your belongings and risk fire. Or you can use Greenbug with an active ingredient of cedar to get the job done.

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