Bed Bugs

Treatment for Bed Bugs:

Bed Bug Prevention
Prior to entering a vulnerable location, Greenbug for People/Pets can be used on clothes and belongings as well as directly on people to offend bed bugs. There is no staining or residue – just a pleasant natural aroma of cedar. Before traveling, thoroughly spray all luggage (a great place to get bed bugs is in the luggage compartment of any transportation – plane, trams, cabs, etc.) so a thorough application can aid in repelling the bed bugs. Other potential sources for bed bugs are any areas that large numbers of people gather – theaters, shopping malls, doctor’s offices, schools, nursing homes, etc.

Bed Bugs when you travel Protect yourselves from Bed Bugs!
To help prevent bed bugs, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Spray yourself, luggage and your belongings with Greenbug for People/Pets before entering a cab, riding a bus, boarding a plane, etc.
  2. When you arrive, thoroughly inspect ALL layers of bed linens and lightly spray with Greenbug for People/Pets – down to the mattress – then under/behind the headboard and the artwork above the bed.
  3. Spray yourself, luggage and belongings with Greenbug for People/Pets before traveling home.

Bed Bugs in clothing
Clothing can be a great way to unknowingly transport bed bugs. You may sit in a nice upholstered chair in a public venue (theater, restaurant, hotel lobby, office building, etc.) and be totally unaware that you are bringing unwanted guests home. Before entering your home, lightly spray yourself and clothing down with Greenbug for People/Pets. If you are particularly worried – say someone in your office knows they have bed bugs at home – you may place your clothes in an unused garbage bag that has been sprayed inside with Greenbug for People/Pets. Seal the bag tightly, so no air can go in or out and wait at least three days before taking the items out. Bed Bug infestation Materials needed:

  • Greenbug for People/Pets, 1 quart per 1000 square feet
  • Greenbug Ready to Use or Concentrate as needed (see below)
  • Lightweight, ultra low volume, non-thermal fogger
  • Respirator
  • Protective goggles

Inspect all possible hiding areas – under furniture, behind artwork, electrical outlets, etc. and position everything for maximum exposure for treatment. Inspect stuffed toys, piles of clothing, travel bags, etc. – the greater the clutter, the more likely bed bugs are in deep hiding. Vacuum thoroughly after lightly spraying the vacuum hose, canister and/or bag with Greenbug for People/Pets. This will control any bed bugs or eggs that may enter the vacuum cleaner. If needed, remove the protective under cloth from box springs in order to treat the interior. Wash all linens and clothing in the hottest water possible adding a teaspoon of Greenbug Concentrate or a 1/2 cup of Greenbug Ready to Use to the load. This infuses the linens with cedar aroma for further repellency. Dry on the hottest setting possible without harming your belongings. Fogging Treatment – The most effective treatment is to use a fogger (described above) placed on the smallest droplet size possible. Be sure every person involved in this treatment has a respirator and goggles.

Prior to treatment, turn off all pilot lights. Turn off smoke alarms and alert security system monitoring companies as the mist can trigger smoke alarms. Remove all animals/pets and plants from areas to be fogged.

Beginning at the far side of a room, aim the fogger directly at all potential hiding spots (electrical outlets, along floor boards, under and inside furniture, behind artwork, in closets, around door jambs and windowsills, etc.) making sure the mist penetrates thoroughly. Pry fabric apart, blast up under and into upholstered furniture, fog all nooks and crannies as you move your way out of the room. For any product left in the fogger, centrally place it on the floor to continue until empty and there is a dense fog in the room. If treating an entire home, it is wise to treat the HVAC duct work as well. Take out the filter to the HVAC unit. Turn the system to ‘Fan’ and ‘On’ so that there is air circulation. Direct the fogger into the intake vent to make sure fog moves throughout the duct work. As soon as you witness fog coming out of the vents, the duct work treatment is complete and you may turn off the fan. Adult bed bugs will be controlled when the fog has contact with them. The remaining fog will penetrate into hiding spaces to kill eggs of the next generations. Allow the fog to penetrate a minimum of 4 hours to overnight (preferable). Upon returning, wear the respirator if any fog still remains. Air out the areas that have been fogged by opening windows, using fans, and/or by running the air conditioner/heater to circulate the air. The room can now be cleaned as usual and inhabited immediately.

Bed Bugs on luggage Prior to travel, it is a great idea to spray your luggage, your belongings and yourself with Greenbug for People/Pets. This controls bed bugs because they do not like Greenbug! If you stay somewhere, make sure you thoroughly spray the outside of the luggage (doesn’t hurt to spray the inside too) with Greenbug for People/Pets before travel and again before you enter your home. Most luggage is very dark which is a perfect opportunity for bed bugs to travel. A great place to get bed bugs on a suitcase is in the luggage compartment of an airplane, bus, trunk of a taxi, etc. so be sure to spray your luggage with Greenbug for People/Pets prior to travel.

Bed Bugs and new purchases Greenbug for People/Pets can be sprayed on new purchases. Thoroughly inspect and lightly spray Greenbug for People/Pets on new clothing, furniture, decorative pillows, imported purchases (imported tile, books and artwork have been known to carry bed bugs) and whatever else may harbor bed bugs – even stuffed animals and picture frames. This is especially important when items are purchased second hand, via thrift stores or at garage/yard sales. You can also purchase heavy duty, black construction garbage bags and place new purchases inside the bag(s) and spray inside the bags with Greenbug for People/Pets. Seal the bags tightly and do not open for at least 3 days. There is no staining or residue with Greenbug for People/Pets – just a pleasant natural aroma of cedar to create a bed bug barrier.


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