What is an Automatic Pest Control System?

What is an ‘automatic pest control system’? We know what ‘automatic’ means.  Automatic is “the ability to operate independently”.  Examples are an automatic car wash.  Or an irrigation system.

‘Pest Control’ is defined as “the act of controlling pests”.  Pest control is often a service.  Technicians come to your property and spray chemicals.

So what is an Automatic Pest Control System? It is “a system that runs independently to accomplish pest control”.  Huh? Is there such a thing?

Yes!  There are several automatic pest control systems.  Most were created to combat mosquitoes.

The earliest were propane tanks that emitted carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out.  It is a mosquito magnet.) These tanks were placed outside away from humans.  The carbon dioxide was to lure the mosquitoes away from people.  Since there was no ‘food’ from the fake carbon dioxide, the mosquitoes still found the people.

The next generation of automatic pest control are mosquito misting systems.  These have a series of tubes and small mist heads that are mounted.  They are there to control mosquitoes.  They include a large, 55 gallon barrel to hold chemicals.  Throughout the day, the tubes release chemicals into the air to kill mosquitoes.  These systems use synthetic, chemical pesticides.  Problems arise If the wind is blowing.  Or if the mist heads get damaged, the chemicals spray way too much into the environment.  It is also very expensive to cover an entire property.

Greenbug System for an automatic pest control systemThe Greenbug System is a unique Automatic Pest Control System!  It uses your irrigation system to control pests.

Greenbug makes pest control products.  They are food grade, non-chemical formulas.  The active ingredeint is cedar.  Just like cedar chests and closets that NEVER have bugs.  That is because cedar controls bugs.  The Greenbug System makes pest control automatic!

With a Greenbug System, mosquitoes are controlled.  Automatically.  So are fleas, ants, roaches, ticks, and chiggers. Also garden pests like aphids, white fly, and mole crickets.  Plus many more.  The Greenbug System is a set-it-and-forget-it, automatic pest control system.

The Greenbug System controls mosquitoes plus a gazillion other pests? Now that is an Automatic Pest Control System!