Are pesticides dangerous? Yes. But the level of danger depends.

pesticidesMost pest control products used today are synthetic chemical concoctions. Therefore, they don’t exist in Nature.  Scientists create them in laboratories using man-made poisons and toxins. Pesticides are used everywhere, all the time.  They are intentionally odorless and colorless so that they are not noticeable.

These unnatural compounds are neuro-toxins and most noteworthy, they affect brain functions. A neuro-toxin can attack the respiratory, digestive and/or reproductive functions of whatever organism absorbs, inhales, or digests it.  Not just pests – humans too.

Neuro-toxins are very dangerous!

Are we exposed to many pesticides? Our structures (homes, schools, businesses) are treated with synthetic chemical pest control products and our food supply has tons of pesticides.  Consequently, we are very exposed.

Ingesting poisons that affect our brains is dangerous. Granted, one bite of food doesn’t carry much pesticide yet all the food eaten over your entire life is a lot.  As a result, the accumulation of neuro-toxins over time is huge! And the scary part is that we can’t get rid of them.

‘Synthetic’ means not natural and the human body can only deal with things that naturally exist. Therefore, we cannot ‘process’ fake items. Through eating and being in structures, chemical pesticides get into our bodies and can’t come out. Therefore, synthetic pesticides gather in our bodies and can affect our health.

That is really dangerous!

Have you noticed increasing rates of ADHD, Autism, and Alzheimer’s?  These and other diseases are tied to neuro-toxic pesticides.

But there are safe options! Use Greenbug!

A ‘pesticide’ kills, controls, or attacks pests. Boiling water poured on an ant hill is a pesticide. Yet natural pest controls like using lemon juice to repel ants isn’t dangerous.  Danger comes from toxic, brain-altering chemical pesticides.

Good pest control options come from Nature and they do not pose a danger. Greenbug is one of them.  Greenbug’s active ingredient is cedar and cedar is pest control gold!  Cedar is deadly to pests yet harmless for humans, animals and the environment. Cedar has NO effect on honey bees and butterflies so they can pollinate our food.

So are pesticides dangerous?

Synthetic chemical pesticides are VERY dangerous but those from Nature are not.