Treatment for Ants:

These little pests are incredibly annoying as they find entry points into your home that you wouldn’t think existed! Finding the entry point is the key to control. Follow the trail of ants to where it first presents itself and spray the ants liberally with Greenbug Ready to Use formulation or the Greenbug Concentrate (after dilution) at the origin of the trail. It is very helpful to locate the entry point from the outside as well so look on an exterior wall around the point of entry indoors. Spray the Greenbug where the outside trail seems to enter the home and spray thoroughly for several yards to the left and right, up and down. What you are trying to do is create a barrier to control the ants. Keep in mind, these ants want something and will now start to look for a new entry point so as soon as you see any evidence of ants, spray as directed above.

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Prevent Pests With These 5 Steps

To prevent pests, you need to think the way they think. They need food, shelter and places to breed so that they can multiply and make more pests. If you disrupt any of these basic needs, pests will stay away. But pests are not created equal. Some pests fly while some...

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Ants? Control them with Greenbug!

Here is a list of Ant species and instructions on how to control them.  The correct Greenbug product (either Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate) is linked to the shopping cart to make this super easy! Ants, Argentine These little pests are incredibly...

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Control pests using Greenbug which has Nature’s cedar oil as the active ingredient – not toxic, synthetic chemicals! Cedar chests and closets have been used for centuries to control pests and now Greenbug offers that very same cedar in pest control products.Whatever your pest issue is, Greenbug controls pests using food-grade ingredients that are friendly to humans, pets, the environment and the very important honey bees and butterflies.If you have a specific pest to control, click the “Pick Your Pest” button above for detailed instructions. We suggest the Greenbug Home Kit in case a pest arrives. At Greenbug, we are committed to pest control without toxins!

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