Ants are a frustrating pest. They are masters at finding ways inside your home. If you see one, there are hundreds, even thousands more waiting to drive you nuts. Many ask, how can I control ants? With Greenbug, of course!

Ants are work horses that live in large colonies. Food is discovered through sense of smell.  Once food is found, a stream of workers begin the never-ending trail from the food source back to the nest. They can fit through the tiniest of cracks and often sacrifice many of their brethren in the pursuit of food.

ants controlled by GreenbugThere are many varieties of ants.  They consistently rank as the Number One Pest in the United States. Whether they are small, large, or absolutely terrifying (like Crazy Ants), they can be difficult to eradicate. But it can be done as long as you use correct products and procedures.

The first and most significant step is to determine how these 6-legged pests are entering your home. Once the entry point is determined, it is time to seal it up. Options include caulk, tape, paint, and even additional construction. Since these wily creatures can maneuver through minute spaces, it is imperative to eliminate all ‘holes’ completely. This step alone may solve the problem.

But if the ants still remain within your home (or if they act extremely ant-like and find new entry points), you will need to act more aggressively. Options include severing their trails, eliminating food sources and it may be time to do some serious killing.

For example, if there is a consistent entry point onto the kitchen counter, you can spray lemon juice which they will not cross. This option will need to stay wet.  Therefore, it may take some diligence on your part to keep it up long enough to permanently turn them away.

If they are in your outside trash can, stop putting garbage in the can for a while.  Just enough time to let them know it is no longer a food source. The same goes if they find a stash of dog food in the garage.  Don’t have the food source and you could easily eliminate the pest problem.

If you decide to spray, DO NOT USE TOXIC CHEMICALS!  Instead, choose your products wisely. There is no need for poisons when other options perform fine.

An excellent option to control ants is Greenbug Ready to Use.  Greenbug Ready to Use has an active ingredient of cedar which offers control in two ways.  First, it offers contact control which is a direct spray.  If used repeatedly, it also provides control of future ants. An active ingredient of cedar will control the pests but cause no harm to humans, animals or the environment.

If you have a problem with ants, you can solve it with some diligence on your part. If you need to spray, use Greenbug Ready to Use with an active ingredient of cedar to accomplish the task and not cause harm like toxic chemicals.

So no more problems with Ants!